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'The best interest of the patient
is the only interest to be considered'

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Team work of meticulous
dental planning and diagnosis,
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optimal outcome for you.

At World-Dent we work with a single minded motto: "The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered." - William Mayo.
The lab is equipped with a highly sophisticated, technologically advanced PROCERA Nobelbiocare dental CAD/CAM scanner that scans the impressions.
All our clinics are ISO 9001:2008 certified and accredited
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Our Mission is to provide you with the highest quality dental expertise and care utilizing the most innovative scientific technologies in a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere.

Our Vision is to achieve the highest level of dental health. We strive to give you the most comfortable experience, and always individualize treatment for your specific situation. We are passionate about providing you the best dental and implant care available. We can help you attain a comfortable, beautiful, and functional smile for a lifetime. Read more >


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists, hygienists, dental assis-
tants, an endodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon.

Prof. Dr. Porus S. Turner
Dr. Ferzin Turner Vazifdar
Prof. Dr. Ashdin P.Turner
Dr. Radhika Parekh Paleja
Mr. Danesh Vazifdar

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Happy patients stories

Sweet dreams are made of these
Ms. Maxine, heard about the team at World-Dent from her colleague in Canada.Maxine had severe erosion and attrition of her entire dentition (teeth). At first, Maxinewas apprehensive and eager to understand how we could help her get back her lost smile and most importantly her functional bite.
At World-Dent, we discussed with her and together with Maxine formulated an in-depth treatment plan. We reassured her that she could get back what she had lost and showed her, virtually, what she could expect from the treatment, before even beginning it! This gave her renewed hope and she looked forward to the final outcome of her treatment.
Thanks to the backing of our in-house laboratory, within 15 working days, we restored Maxine, with a complete set of teeth and brought back her smile….and most importantly her zest for life! Having been successfully rehabilitated, she flew back with a different outlook towards life.
no turning back… the path to happiness
Marton hailed from a small island, off the coast of Brisbane, Australia. He got in touch with the World-Dent team and was in correspondence with us for over a year. He found it very to take time off work and at the same time prohibitively and frightfully expensive to complete his full mouth rehabilitation withcrowns, implants and veneers back in Australia.
Thanks to our in-house laboratory we assured Marton a quick turn over time of his work within 3weeks. His work was kept on priority and we restored his lost bite and smile. This is what Marton had to say at the time he left us.
'' Dear Ashdin,Ferzin and team at World-Dent I would like to Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the amazing dental work and care that all of you offered us in such a cordial, professional and painless way. You transformed my smile and the new raised bite feels so comfortable. Your eye for precision and detail speaks volumes of your dedication and passion of what you all stand for and do.Hope you spread smiles and change lives of many. As I leave you all I leave behind a strong sense of gratitude and take with me a sense of renewed pride and self-esteem. "
Meet Reina...
"You all saved my life."
This is the story of our lovely patient and now friend, Ms. Reina Couture. Reina met Dr. Turner from World-Dent in Montreal, Canada when he was on one of his lecture circuits in Canada.
She explained to him that she had dental problems since the tender age of 11, but due to financial constraints, could not seek dental treatment and lost all her teeth in rapid succession. Reina was a beautiful, young, exuberant girl and by the age of 20 was wearing dentures. She said, and we quote, "I hated them (the dentures) and they were the reason that robbed me of my smile!" Reina had consulted a few dentists in Montreal who had suggested extensive bone grafts from the hip, reconstructive surgery and finally implants with ceramic teeth…the expense of all this, as she puts it, would've "forced me to sell my home."
Reina's case was undoubtedly very challenging. With extensive bone loss,due to wearing dentures for the last 40 years has worn the bone away. However, at World-Dent, we assured her that if she visited us at our Dental Implant Institute in Mumbai India we could make the impossible,possible!! And sure we did! After extensive bone grafts and full mouth implant placements Reina got back her smile, the one she not only desired, but also deserved. She threw her dentures away which were the bane of her normal life. Today, Reina has the most beautiful smile, you can ever imagine…with her confidence renewed.When she left India the last time, she thanked us and said "You all saved my life."


Many of our patients are our friends now, and they recommend our Dental clinic to their friends and come with their children and
senior parents to us. We are very proud that you entrust the health of your relatives to us!

Darryl D'Souza (Melbourne, Australia)
I would like to thoroughly recommend Dr. Turners Dental Practice for their dental implant
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at World-Dent for all the miracles
MartonSebastyen (AUSTRALIA)
Dear Ashdin, Ferzin and team at World-Dent I would like to Thank you all from the bottom of my heart
Dorothy Couture (CANADA)
I am Dorothy Couture. I used to be a denture wearer for the past 30 years of my life.
Grainne Kirwan (Ireland)
They are the best in their field! Masterful…God is truly in the details. So happy with my new


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