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3 Reasons to Not be Anxious About Implant Surgery

Have you lost your tooth at a young age due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury? Are you facing difficulties in consuming food, speaking or even smiling confidently? Well, you can put your worries to rest as dental implants in Mumbai have come to your rescue. Implants are titanium surgical fixtures which the dentist places within your jawbone, to mimic a natural tooth root. Swedish orthopaedic surgeon, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, was the inventor of this unique technique. Within a span of a few months, the dental implant starts fusing with the adjacent bone. The body does not identify it as a foreign object, in fact, cells start adhering to it. However, the requirement of dental surgery for an implant placement makes many candidates anxious about it. Here are three unknown reasons why you should not worry about implants.

Dentists Plan the Procedure Precisely

The top-rated dental specialist in Mumbaibelieves that implant surgery is a comparatively low-risk and minor procedure. Doctors usually map out the entire details of your gum and bone structure much before the actual day of the procedure. In some complex conditions, they also take the aid of adequate imaging techniques like X-ray and CT imaging. These diagnostic aids help in locating the best positional placement of the implant. These techniques act as a guide during the surgery so that there are minimal chances of any error or post-operative complications.

Doctors use Local Anaesthesia during Implant Surgery

Many candidates become nervous the moment they heard about surgery. Many people have the misconception that dentists would use general anaesthesia to numb your senses completely. However, it is worthwhile to point out here that an implant surgery is much less complicated than a tooth extraction. The dentists would administer a local anaesthesia injection on your gum to numb only the area involved in the procedure. You will remain conscious during the entire implant procedure. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, the dentist may prescribe an anti-anxiety medication before the surgery.

Implant Surgery Involves Minimal Post-operative Discomfort

If you have implant surgery at the best dental clinic in Mumbai, then you can expect minimal post-operative discomfort or complications. Most advanced dental clinics today are equipped with the latest surgical equipment, to cause minimal tissue destruction. Dentists also stitch the incised tissue with self-absorbing sutures so that the site heals quickly. Moreover, dentists would prescribe a pain-killer post-operatively for a few days after surgery so that you do not experience discomfort after the surgery.

This was, in brief, three unknown reasons why you should not worry about implant surgery. Your dentist would also attach a prosthetic crown after the implant infuses with the jaw bone. You can look forward to a perfect smile and zero inconveniences while eating after the surgery.

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