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Experience Excellent Dental Tourism in India with World Dent

India is one of the fastest growing destinations for medical tourism around the world, due to the presence of a large pool of quality doctors and the increasing availability of cutting edge procedures delivered using new age technology. India is increasingly being recognized for its high quality medical services at cost effective rates when compared to first world countries. Naturally, Dental tourism in India is also on a rise and millions of people from other countries head to popular destinations like Mumbai and Chennai for world class dental care. If you are looking for information about dental tourism in Mumbai, which has become a global hub for dental care. In this blog, we will tell you about World Dent headed by renowned Dr. Porus Turner, which is a specialty clinic and famous for its dental tourism:

  • Digital Smile designing and ERA: Smile designing is one of the most popular cosmetic dental surgeries which routinely attracts international patients from all corners of the world. If you are looking to make a career in the Film and TV industry of Mumbai as a foreigner, you can opt for this process at any of the three locations at World Dent, to transform your face. Digital smile designing is not purely cosmetic as it can also be recommended as a part of mouth reconstruction, in case you have suffered an accident and subsequent injuries.
  • Dental implants: World dent is a top clinic for quality dental implants including the latest high quality Titanium implants. The process may range from a week to a few months depending upon the number of teeth that need treatment. Temporary teeth are provided by the clinic on the first day of extraction which will enable you to chew food and talk normally.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation: World Dent has an envious record of performing complicated, full mouth rehabilitation surgeries on medical tourists from all walks of life, like professional sportsmen, lawyers, businessmen etc. Full mouth rehabilitation involves a number of scans and corrective surgeries which can inflate the total cost, hence making it viable for medical tourism.
  • Veneers: Veneers which are also called cappings, are wafer thin covers for teeth, usually made of Porcelain. Veneers largely serve a cosmetic purpose and can enhance the visual appeal of teeth which have deteriorated due to bad hygiene, drug usage etc.
  • Crowns and bridging: Dental crowns is another popular procedure with medical tourists who visit World Dent. Made using Porcelain with state of the art computer assisted machinery for immaculate fitting, Crowns and bridges can bring back the charm to any smile!

We have told you briefly about the things to expect at World Dent if you are looking for Dental tourism in India. World Dent is a clinic headed by some of the biggest names in dentistry in India, and has established itself as one of the most popular choice for Medical tourists who come to Mumbai. We look forward to hearing from you. Have an amazing day and keep smiling!

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