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Dental Implants

Our dental implants clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.

Dental implants in Mumbai

Dental Implants In Mumbai, India:

The replacement of missing teeth using dental implants is the latest, most advanced and dependable treatment established in the last few decades. It is now possible for every individual to achieve the esthetics and function they desire even after the loss of the natural teeth.

Dental Implants Cost in Mumbai, India:

From time immemorial it has been the goal of every dentist to simulate and restore the loss of missing natural teeth, with smile and especially function.
The patients only goal is to get back what he has lost in regards to a beautiful smile and eat all the foods he can now only grapple with. Today this is possible with scientific evidence, research and breakthrough in modern day DENTAL IMPLANT technology with our dental implants treatment provided at the best dental implant cost in Mumbai. The digital implant workflow that is virtually planned on the computer, the optimal diameter and length of the implant is pre planned with regards to the available bone height and width and the patients teeth are kept ready even before the placements of the implants!

Integration Of Scientific Evidence With Clinical Expertise:

The evidence based implant dentistry has revolutionized the treatment protocol making it the preferred choice. The use of dental implants not only enhances the general appearance of an individual but also boosts confidence and makes them look much younger!

Use of removable prosthesis is not only uncomfortable to the patient but also causes bone loss underlying to the denture, trauma to the adjacent teeth and increases build-up of plaque. On the other hand, implant prosthesis provides a fixed alternative which preserves the bone while no damage is caused to the adjacent teeth.

Partial And Complete Replacement Of Teeth:

Implants can be used for a variety of cases ranging from the replacement of a single missing tooth to the rehabilitation of the complete dentition. Single Tooth Replacement - Single Tooth Implants:

When you lose something that belongs to you, you try your level best to replace it with something as similar to it as possible. So why not do the same for your teeth? Implants are the next best thing after your own natural teeth.A single missing tooth is a common finding in our everyday practice and replacing it with a single implant followed by a crown is the easiest and best solution.



Single Tooth Replacement - Single Tooth Implants:

After extensive diagnostics and treatment planning, we aim to rehabilitate edentulous patients using full jaw implants in the following systematic step wise manner at the best dental implants clinic with affordable implant cost in India – at World Dental Specialties:

  1. The implant body, which is placed gently into the existing jaw bone.
  2. An abutment post, which is torqued into the now healed and Osseo integrated implant.
  3. The final prosthesis (Crown /Bridge /Hybrid Denture) which is cemented or screw retained on the abutment, custom made just for you.
Best dental implants clinic in Mumbai

Single Incisor Implant Abutment

Implant cost in Mumbai India

Zirconia Crown Matching The Shade, Look And Feel Of The Natural Teeth Blending In Beautifully.

Multiple Tooth Replacement - Multiple Tooth Implants:

Every now and then, we have patients who walk in with multiple missing teeth. The old school of thought would dictate we restore their teeth using a tooth supported bridge. But today, we prefer giving implant supported bridges. Although, one crown per implant would be considered ideal, it is possible to replace more teeth with fewer number of implants placed, simply because implants are stronger than your natural roots. It is worth mentioning, Implant supported bridges (98%) have a higher success rate as compared to conventional fixed bridges (81.8%).

Multiple Tooth Replacement

LOWER RIGHT 4 Implants Placed (Digital Guided) With The Highest Precision

Multiple Tooth Replacement

4 high definition Zirconia CADCAM (Zenostar Ivoclar Vivadent)
To look, feel and function exactly like natural teeth.


In case you have lost all your teeth for whatever reason, full jaw implants with fixed crowns are the most ideal replacement. The use of dentures are nothing but “oral wigs”, which over a due course of time, require to be relined as they cause resorption of the underlying bone. If continued over a long term, bone loss is so much, that it can neither support the dentures nor allow easy placement of implants.

After extensive diagnostics and treatment planning, we aim to rehabilitate edentulous patients using full jaw implants in the following systematic step wise manner at the best dental implants clinic  with affordable implant cost in India - at World Dental Specialties :


Using X-rays, CBCT Scans and study models, we determine the exact location and number of implants to be placed. This is done after ascertaining the amount of bone available, height of bone, width, etc.


Placing the implants as planned, by our team of expert implantologists. All implants are placed in a single visit. Temporary teeth are provided on the same day itself. Of course, we can’t send you out for even a day without your teeth!


Following 2-3 months of implant placement, once they have osseointegrated with the underlying bone, impressions are now taken for seating the final crowns. At this time, the patient has to make 2-3 visits, during which we carry out trials to try out the fit, shape, shade, function and aesthetics of the crowns.


A week after the impressions have been taken, once all trials have been carried out successfully, the crowns are sent for a final glaze and polish and are cemented permanently in the mouth, completing the entire rehabilitation of the concerned jaw.

Dental implant cost in Mumbai

Hopeless And Debilitating Condition Of The Existing Dentition

Multiple Tooth Replacement at The Best Dental implant cost in Mumbai

Full Mouth Upper And Lower Implants

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Complete Set Of Upper And Lower Cad Cam Implant Supported Zirconia Bridges And Crowns.

The newer augmentative techniques including sinus lifting and bone grafting have made it possible to place implants successfully in cases which were previously considered impossible to accept implants.

The All On Four Implants / The All On Six Implants in India:

Additional to these techniques, it is now also possible to place four implants with immediate loading of the prosthesis using the ALL ON FOUR Implants or the ALL ON SIX Implants in India concept. We are one of the best dental implant clinics in Mumbai and we have trained professionals who plan your dental implants in Mumbai, India with you virtually on the computer implant software with images of your jaws, to provide the finest option for the dental implants in India depending on the expectation of the patient.

All on four implants in India

Before: Smile View Of A Completely Edentulous Lady

Multiple Tooth Replacement

After: Smile View With A Renewed Zest For Life

Multiple Tooth Replacement
Multiple Tooth Replacement

Upper 6 And Lower 6 Implants Placed With Abutments

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Retracted View With A Full Complement Of Teeth

Multiple Tooth Replacement


Multiple Tooth Replacement


Titanium is one of the most biocompatible metals available and we use only the established systems in implant dentistry which match international standards.

A 3D CBCT Scan machine adds another dimension to implant technology. Its presence is absolutely vital for accurate planning and the placement of implants. It also helps in the accurate evaluation of critical structures like nerves, teeth roots, sinus etc., thereby enhancing the diagnostic value. At World Dental Specialties, we are equipped with this state of the art CBCT machine in-house at our implant center to ensure a flawless execution of absolutely any type of implant case.

  1. Dental implants restore the chewing efficiency to a natural form. It is possible to eat the foods which are considered impossible using removable prosthesis.
  2. The treatment provides a life long solution for replacement of teeth
  3. It allows achieving the form, function and esthetics as present in natural teeth.
  4. It is possible to avoid denture clasps which are damaging to the adjacent teeth and gums.
  5. The implant fixed prosthesis is directly fitted to the gum, not having a palatal plate and denture flanges as seen in removable partial or complete prosthesis
  6. It boosts the confidence of the patient since implants do not loosen or move
  7. The dependency on the adjacent teeth for a tooth supported fixed prosthesis is overcome, thus avoiding damage to the other teeth leading to their break down and need of more implants.
  1. Dental implants here are performed by a team of specialists who perform the surgery with utmost precision while ensuring the best esthetics of the prosthesis.
  2. Our specialists have experience of more than 25 years.
  3. Our team is specially trained from Germany
  4. The implant systems used are Nobel Biocare, Ankylos and Bredent which are the premium quality titanium implants which are manufactured in Germany and USA
  5. Our prices are competitive without any compromise in the quality of treatment provided.
  6. We provide a broad range of implant options including tooth in a day, mini implants, multiple implants, full-mouth fixed prosthesis

Questions Most Frequently Our Patients Ask Us:

Dental implants are the perfect choice for anyone missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or decay. Today no one should be without teeth, or with partials since both of the above will cause bone desorption = bone loss. Anyone at any age deserves a fuller and better quality of life.

If done with sound scientific principles and evidenced based, the entire treatment is completely pain free and is carried out under local anesthesia and/or oral sedation for our anxious patients, such that you have no semblance of the procedure.

A dental implant is titanium which is one of the most biocompatible materials. There is almost zero risk of any adverse reaction to this metal as studies and research have postulated.

You will feel no difference at all! It will be as good as your natural tooth or even better.
It is stronger than your natural tooth and best part of it is that it will look, feel and function exactly like your own tooth!

Maintenance of good regular oral hygiene practices is recommended. The use of a waterpik or a water flosser cannot be stressed more. You must understand that from now on ,there will be no cavities or root canals as there is no tooth structure for that to ever happen again, but the gums and the soft tissue should be kept clean and free of plaque accumulation. Once we finish your Dental implant treatment we have a counseling session on how to take care of your dental implants, oral hygiene techniques and simple things you can do to ensure that your implants will last you a lifetime.

We advocate a soft diet for a day after the implants are placed. No crackers or wafers or anything sharp that could hurt the area for 24 hours. Do not try to feel or play with the implants with your tongue. Avoid eating anything until the anesthesia wears off or you may accidentally bite your lip or tongue since you will have still be numb from the anesthesia.
Use the prescribed chlorhexidene mouthwash after the procedure. Most importantly take your antibiotics and other medicines prescribed to you.


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.