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Dental Tourism In Mumbai, India At World Dental Specialities:

Experience the fastest emerging destination for dental tourism in Mumbai, India with nominal dental implant cost at World Dental Specialities.

Several thousand Westerners, Australians, Kiwis (New Zealand), South Africans come to India every year looking for highest quality dental treatment which would be prohibitively unaffordable in their home countries.

A certain patient of ours from USA said if she had to get a mouth full of implants done in her country with CADCAM Zirconia crowns it would’ve costed her a whopping 85,000 USD ! Whereas, we provide reliable implants treatment with the lowest dental implant cost in Mumbai.

She joked and told us she would have to sell her home for a complete set of new teeth

For 80% lesser she got the same implant system, the exact same quality CADCAM zirconia crowns on top of her implants plus a leisurely holiday down south to the pristine beaches of Goa and Kerala !


Travelling hundreds of miles away from home , they have entrusted their oral health and well being in our hands with a reasonable amount of implant cost in Mumbai with World Dental Specialities.

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Why World Dental Specialities As Your Dental Destination in India?

1. Digital Dentistry And At WORLD DENTAL SPECIALITIES.

Digital dentistry involves the use of advanced computer based technology to achieve predictable outcomes in dental practice. This includes the used of cone beam computed tomography, commonly known as CBCT, which provides a three dimensional images of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.

The integration of CBCT with implant planning software is leading to a new era which is slowly emerging as a revolutionary technology which allows supreme precision in implant practice which was earlier considered highly technique sensitive. The use of computer aided design and computer aided milling makes the procedure of fabrication of your Zirconia and ceramic prosthesis highly accurate.

2. Intra Oral Scanners

The use of intraoral scanners capture direct optical impressions and eliminates the use of cumbersome impression materials.

This new age technology at World Dental Specialities, not only helps us to perform with more precision and accuracy but also promises the patients with the most satisfactory treatment.

3. State Of Art In House Laboratory:

Perhaps the only Dental Center to have our very own in house Digital Cad Cam Laboratory that is equipped with leading world class milling machines and dental design softwares for creating a very esthetic and functional restoration.

a. This gives us a synergistic advantage over the accuracy and precision of the fit of the crowns such that there is no micro leakage at the crown margins ensuring a water tight cavo surface marginal seal.

b. We understand you have a limited time and budgets and will put your work on top priority with our dental technical laboratory.

Timelines For Different Procedures :

We understand your time constraints and expedite and prioritise your dental work.

Travel & Accommodation

Once you have finalised your air tickets kindly share your travel itinerary with our Travel desk or International client coordinator. We offer a Complimentary airport pick up and drop to the hotel of your choice. We also offer a serviced apartment stay for our guests not very far away from the Dental Implant Center . This is available at a nominal cost of USD 35 per night. There will also be a driver to pick you up from the apartment and bring you to the Dental Implant Center which is around a 20 minute drive.

Alternately we have several tie ups with Hotels as well.

India and local Mumbai tours – Dental Tourism In India

Just get in touch with our travel desk who will take care of all your travel within India and help you with your booking to the sights and tours of India.

North India the Golden triangle Agra Delhi Jaipur. The Taj Mahal the epitome of a love story of a king possessed by the untimely death of his beloved queen is a Seven Wonder of the World and a must see for everyone.

South India Pristine and Verdant Kerala is also known as 'Gods own country' is flushed with Coconut plantations till as far as your eyes can see.

And explore Goa for the fun sun and beautiful beaches rife with mouth watering seafood and beautiful romantic sunsets

To explore Mumbai we will book you with our local partners who will organise a guided tour show and you around, Dharavi (asia's biggest organised slum tours), to Dhobi Ghat (heritage structure), Gateway of India ,built to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria to Mumbai and of course the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel.

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Dental Tourism

So Then Why Are We At World Dental Specialties Their Favoured Choice?

  • The team at World Dental Specialties are responsible for your dental treatment from A-Z.
  • They are not hired or recruited dentists but highly qualified, trained implantologists who have received their Masters Degrees in Oral Implantology from the prestigious Goethe University in Frankfurt.
  • Prof Dr. Turners lecture all over the world as Global invited speakers at various Implant and Cosmetic, Restorative Congresses imparting dental education to other budding dentists.