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Full Jaw Dental Implants

Our Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.

In case you have lost all your teeth for whatever reason, full jaw implants with fixed crowns are the most ideal replacement. The use of dentures are nothing but "oral wigs", which over a due course of time, require to be relined as they cause resorption of the underlying bone. If continued over a long term, bone loss is so much, that it can neither support the dentures nor allow easy placement of implants.

At World-Dent, after extensive diagnostics and treatment planning, we aim to rehabilitate edentulous patients using full jaw implants in the following systematic step wise manner:


Using X-rays, CBCT Scans and study models, we determine the exact location and number of implants to be placed. This is done after ascertaining the amount of bone available, height of bone, width, etc.


Placing the implants as planned, by our team of expert implantologists. All implants are placed in a single visit. Temporary teeth are provided on the same day itself. Of course, we can't send you out for even a day without your teeth!


Following 2-3 months of implant placement, once they have osseointegrated with the underlying bone, impressions are now taken for seating the final crowns. At this time, the patient has to make 2-3 visits, during which we carry out trials to try out the fit, shape, shade, function and aesthetics of the crowns.


A week after the impressions have been taken, once all trials have been carried out successfully, the crowns are sent for a final glaze and polish and are cemented permanently in the mouth, completing the entire rehabilitation of the concerned jaw.


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.