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Oral Hygiene And 32 Reasons To Smile.

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Date: 15/12/2012

While images on digital screens in his clinics (Byculla, Tardeo and Bandra) show you what dental transformations he can achieve, cosmetically, Dr. Ashdin Turner, Associate Professor, Department of Prosthodontics (dental prosthetics), MGM Dental College and Hospital and co-author of Art and Science of Aesthetic Dentistry attributes his sparkling smile to good old-fashioned oral hygiene.

This father of two tells us that his entire family switched to battery-powered toothbrushes a few years ago, and he highly recommends that others do the same. Citing a study conducted in Iowa University, which was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, Dr. Turner shares that though the gadget was initially devised for individuals with reduced motor skills, "this study established that using it correctly, achieved 67 per cent plaque reduction, as compared to a toothbrush." Dr. Turner points out that changing toothbrushes doesn'thelp.

"The brush needs to be held so that the spinning bristles are in contact with the scalloped margins. Let the bristles spin where the gums meet the teeth, on the inside of the tooth as well as outside, so that the teeth and the gums are treated." Additionally, the Turner family gargles with Colgate Total Plax after every meal and before bedtime, "We brush using the battery-powered toothbrushes and then floss."