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5 Important Things One Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants are a go to solution for a number of dental problems related to missing teeth due to gum problems or congenitally missing teeth. You will find numerous places, specializing in dental implants in Mumbai.

Dental implants involve placement of a titanium screw into the bone which is biocompatible with the bone.

The procedure for dental implants may take anywhere between a few days to weeks depending on the number of teeth to be replaced and the extent of damage of the teeth may require extraction implant placement and often bone grafting.

Today we will talk about 5 important things you should know about dental implants:

1)Preserving existing teeth- Dental implants are not just a solution for lost teeth but they also help in preserving the health of the existing teeth.

2)Success rate- Dental implants have a fairly low rate of failure and recovery time is also less post operatively. Modern medicine has also made it painless by using a combination of anaesthetics that are administered.

3)Implant maintenance- Maintaining implants is very important. They can be maintained the same way we maintain our normal teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and maintaining overall oral hygiene.

4)Price and availability- Dental implants are one of the most common, procedures around the world, and you are bound to find the service at your neighborhood dentist. Also, the price of the procedure is relatively low as compared to other procedures like full mouth rehabilitation.

5) Feel- Implants feel and function the same way as your normal teeth. If you are getting dental implants rest assured they are as good as getting real teeth back again. You wont feel any discomfort as the implant crown adjusts into the natural gumline of your mouth.

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